Actra Nca Agreement

Members can benefit from the specialized advice of Winnie Alford, a talented advisor to the ACA, who is well versed in the entire agreement. Winnie Alford, ICA Advisor, will advise you on all issues related to the ACTRA-CFM agreements and their implementation. She can be contacted by email at or call the ICA on 416 482 1396. Note: In September 2020, an agreement was reached to extend the terms of the current NCA and the additive NCA L-R for a one-year period from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. Read the press release for more information. If the advertisement had been produced as a union production, Labatt would have been obliged to pay any actor on the spot, including hockey players, ACTRA union wages. According to a February 14 article in the National Post, ACTRA states that hockey players must “at least 3,215.15 $US per person, with an additional $US 537.85 to players in brief follow-up interviews.” Similarly, while members of the crowd say they probably received a cash rate of $11 per hour as part of the agreement, prominent Crowd members may have qualified for a “primary actor tax” of $3,753. Instead, the members of the flashmobs would have been paid $150 each and the hockey players were rewarded with a private Super Bowl party. The agreement addresses most of the challenges facing Canadian distributors and builds on the progress made in previous negotiations. Include updates: The problem in this case is whether or not Labatt is an advertiser a signatory to the NCA. ACTRA`s accusations are based on this point. In a February 10 ACTRA publication, Heather Allin, President of ACTRA Toronto, said, “It`s an embarrassing day for Labatt to get caught exploiting people who can work in everyday life in their multi-million dollar television commercials. We are shocked that Labatt, with whom we have a long-standing business relationship, would undermine his agreement and hire workers for much lower wages than those in the industry. What complicates matters further is that the reports (from ACTRA) complicate the situation where Anomaly produced a series of union-compliant advertisements for Labatt in Canada last year.

The commercial was created for Budweiser Canada by The New York agency De Labatt Anomaly, part of the network of agencies of MDC Partners Inc. As a U.S. advertising agency, Anomaly is not a signatory to the NCA. In general, ACTRA does not have jurisdiction for non-signatory agencies and advertisers, which are free to create non-union productions, hire non-union talent and negotiate talent fees on an individual basis outside of the obligations agreed within the NCA or other social partners. Like agencies and advertisers, as soon as they become members of the union, ACTRA`s talents are prohibited from participating in non-union productions. However, there is no prohibition pending the employment of non-unionized talent in a non-unionized production. “The new agreement recognizes the majority of the issues: With Canadian agencies, they ensure that member agencies remain competitive and non-signatory agencies that exploit non-union players,” the “Flash Fans” ad shows hundreds of fans (reports indicate that at least 600 fans were involved) and surprises two Ontario Recreational Hockey League teams at a recent pick-up game at the Toronto Gates. At one point in the game, fans rush into the arena screaming and clapping alongside mascots and cheerleaders; At the same time, live advertisers come when they call the songs and a hidden jumbotron is unveiled with a plethora of Budweiser ads.