Total Fitness Membership Agreement

The following conditions apply in addition to the terms and conditions included in your membership agreement, if any, or to other written agreements between you and ATOMIC Total Fitness (these conditions do not apply only). If there are conflicting conditions between the following conditions and/or your agreement, ATOMIC Total Fitness reserves the right to determine the applicable conditions. If your circumstances have changed, making it difficult to use the gym, or if you earn less than before, you might try to negotiate with the gym to pay an agreed amount to be terminated from the contract. They applied for a student fee in October or November and agreed to do so. However, they did not act within a reasonable time and continued to collect full-rate royalties. It could be argued that they have not been able to administer you properly and that you want to leave immediately accordingly. Members can apply for a membership freeze of at least one month to a maximum of three consecutive months once a year of membership. Memberships can only be frozen for full months. For each freeze granted, a pre-payment fee of $5 per month is charged. Couple or family affiliations must be frozen for all parties or if the other adult wishes to continue using the club, he must switch to the standard single rate for the period and the children must be converted to the various memberships. All frozen months are added at the end of the current membership period.

The notification must be made in writing to the central head office or by filling out the corresponding documents in your local club by the 21st of the previous month. Following the government`s recent announcement that Wales will enter Tier 4 restrictions over the Christmas period, our wrexham Club will close on 23 December from 9pm. As has already been recommended, the status of the tariff will be reviewed three weeks after the closing date. As soon as we can confirm a reopening date, we will update you to inform you of the next steps for membership payments. Whether you want to join as an individual, family or couple, we have a number of memberships that are right for you. Enter online or at your local club. You have 2 things in your favor that could allow you to cancel, even if you are only 2 or 3 months in 1 12 months of contract:- Total Fitness Mix collects and processes information about members. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires total Fitness Mix to obtain their consent before this is possible. By signing this form, you agree that your personal and sensitive information will be processed in accordance with the rules and guarantees provided by the 1998 law. Total Fitness Mix has procedures in place to ensure that all information about you is confidential, safely stored and processed only in accordance with Total Fitness Mix`s communication to the Information Commissioner who manages the law.